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Here's How We're Keeping You Safe!

Dr. du Quesnay is here for you and your Health and Safety continue to be our #1 Priority!

Keeping You Safe

Keeping You Safe

Ontario Chiropractors are deemed an Essential Health Service.  Something you probably already knew!  We will do our part by staying available to our community and employing protocols to keep you safe.

For the short term, we have modified our office hours to the following:

Mondays                                              4 – 6 p.m.

Tuesdays          8 – 10:30 a.m.

Thursdays         8 – 10:30a.m.          4 – 6 p.m.

If you need us outside of these hours, please let us know.


As of today, here are some of the protocols we have in place:

  • We are not serving anyone with Coronavirus symptoms or who lives/engages with anyone who has symptoms.  If this is you,we will have to postpone your appointment to a future date.
  • We will continue to disinfect the tables and high contact points after every patient/family. Dr. du Quesnay is hand-washing and cleaning the Activator in between each patient.
  • When confirming appointments, we will need to ask you some standard screening questions.
  • We are spacing appointment times so that we can maintain physical distancing and disinfection routines within the practice.
  • Because of this, we are not accepting walk-ins at this time. Feel free to call for an appointment, even with short notice, but we require that you await confirmation before arriving at the door.
  • Patients are required to wash their hands immediately before entering the adjusting room and will not have to handle pens, charts or touch the stack of face-paper themselves.
  • On entering, proceed directly to the assigned table (and lay face down if it is the elevation/horizontal table) to await your adjustment. You will get the best results when your muscles have a moment to relax anyway.  At this time, this is necessary to maintain distancing.
  • Relax, we’ll help you through this.  We have created a safe environment for you and your family!

Please continue to share your silver linings with us!  Personally, I’ve noticed how our over-scheduled lives have been subjected to a reset.  Hopefully, some of this change in pace creates a permanent attitudinal adjustment.

A few people have noted that their basements will be a lot roomier and many charities will benefit once the dust settles.

Take care of each other.  We are here when you need us.

Dr. Katharine du Quesnay

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