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Do Children Have Challenges Too?  You Bet!

Looking back, I had challenges children shouldn’t have; migraines, back pain, “growing pains”, abdominal pain, knee and foot pain. Children seldom realize that this is not normal. When you love school and sports, you don’t let it stop me from participating. Maybe that’s why few people realize just how much these things actually affect children.  Today, I recognize how common this really is in kids!!

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Dr. du Quesnay has been serving Brooklin families since 1995

During University A Classmate suggested I see a Chiropractor

It wasn’t until university exams in the mid 80’s, when I was in obvious pain, that a classmate insisted I see her chiropractor. She was convincing, so I went. Prior to that, I don’t even recall hearing the term “chiropractic”.   I found out later that my father had visited a chiropractor over the years, with amazing results. Why hadn’t I heard of it?

Enjoyment of sciences, sports, and an amazement with the human capacity to adapt, had been leading me to Sports Medicine. It wasn’t until a series of minor disasters made it impossible for me to arrive to write my MCAT (Medial College Admissions Test), that I was given six months until the next test date to reconsidered where I was going with my own career.

Applying For Chiropractic College

In those six months, primarily through my own chiropractor, I gained a deeper understanding of chiropractic principles.  Applying these fundamental principles advanced my views on how to enhance my quality of life.  I decided that chiropractic with its emphasis on vitality and living was much more what I was seeking than studying sickness, injury and disease. Before the end of those six months, I decided to apply for Chiropractic College and declined to sit for my MCATs; a decision I’ve never regretted.

Dr. Katharine du Quesnay’s Family Practice

My Chiropractic practice has been in Brooklin since 1995, and the town has grown from a population of 1500 to it’s current size, but the small town atmosphere that drew me here still exists.  My husband Alain and I built our home and my current office in Brooklin in 2007.   We know many of the local merchants and business owners by name, we walk our dogs through Brooklin and see familiar faces (on two and four legs), we run into people and chat about mutual friends and connections we discover, our incorrectly addressed mail still somehow finds its way to our mailbox. The town of Brooklin is changing, as all things do, but the community has retained the small town character that we love.

Alain and I are both active and when we aren’t at home or work, you can often find one or both of us at the local tennis courts, a pickleball court, the golf courses, the baseball diamonds, a volleyball court, in the garden or just out walking the dogs in Brooklin. I’ve done my share of traveling, and intend to do more, but there aren’t any other people I’d rather be serving or anywhere else I’d rather come home to.

Vitality enhances life on every level.

The ability to remain active and vibrant keeps us motivated and engaged in life. Life’s too short to not be your best and it’s too long if you aren’t. I believe most of us would willingly invest time, energy and resources into ourselves now to help ensure our best future health.   I’m inspired to help people know how best to do that for themselves to reach their goals.

Among the habits that I’ve incorporated into my life are regular physical and social activity, reading, being open to ongoing learning in many forms, conditioning through stretching/yoga/Pilates, massage, meditation and prayer, staying connected to the earth through things like gardening, choosing sustainability where possible, sound nutritional practices and of course, regular chiropractic care.

Can we help you?

If something on this site inspires you to talk to us, give Dr. Katharine du Quesnay in Brooklin a call, or email us using the link below and we’ll arrange a time to explore your situation. We look forward to meeting you in person and discovering how we can help you.