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Choosing a Chiropractor in Brooklin


We work to restore function and connect you to your fullest experience of life.

Dr. du Quesnay has been serving her Brooklin, Whitby and neighbouring communities of Durham and Scugog since 1995. She is continually evolving and renewing her practice to assure ongoing mastery of her technique and to deliver this with polished service providing you with the expertise and experience you deserve.

Our Goals in Practice

Dr. du Quesnay’s goal is to optimize your function so you can more fully express and experience your life.  This means different things to each person, but if you are not functioning as well as you are designed to, we’re here to help address that.

Everything we do is focused on restoring function so that families can create boundless lives. Simply stated, when function and performance are optimized, when you Connect To Life, you experience fewer health crises and challenges, and life is more full.

How Does this Positively Affect your Life?

  • Parents of a distressed baby that couldn’t sleep more than 1-2 hours, would cry inconsolably, or refused to nurse more than 3 or 4 minutes at a time can now enjoy their happy child who sleeps, enjoys nursing, and is relaxed enough to interact with other family members.
  • The 5 year old who hadn’t previously gone 4 months between bouts of antibiotics for throat, ear or chest symptoms is now into his 3rd year without an episode or the need of drugs.
  • The woman who came in with back pain and infertility now also reports a complete recovery from what she had been told was Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • The recreational golfer who’s foot pain kept him from walking the course, not only walks but is exuberant about his game, his freer swing and lower scores.

When the body has re-organized itself to work more efficiently, it does so across the board. Dr. du Quesnay describes some of the improvements she witnesses every day, “Functions are connected and I get to see people’s lives improve in more ways than I could have imagined when I started out in 1995. This is what I wanted to do with my life, then and now!”

Take the first step towards relief and higher performance by calling our Brooklin practice today and make an appointment to discuss your health goals.

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