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What Do You See?

Do you see rectangles or circles?


What can you see graphic

Some people see rectangles, some see circles. What do you see? No two people are exactly alike, and no two people process the world around them in exactly the same way. It all depends on how you collect and send information to your brain, how your brain processes the information and the response this creates… this is based on how you are “wired”… which is constantly changing! As chiropractors, we understand this and we work to help each person live their best possibilities. Adjustments remove interference and help you transmit, process and respond optimally to your environment… adjustments help you ADAPT better.

If you, like most people, are having trouble seeing the circles, look in between each rectangle at the vertical lines.

The above graphic came to me from a newsletter from the ICPA digitally delivered to its members on November 6, 2020.



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