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Creating a Home-Made Standing Work Station

Here are some ideas for creating a standing work station at home.

Having had no desire to browse the aisles of the hardware or home reno stores during CoVid isolation, I used what I found in the basement. We made the 1st work station for my office and the second one for our front desk area.  Necessity is truly the mother of invention… and in this case, motivation.

Home Made Standing Work Station

Home Made Standing Work Station

Being a bit of a “collector” and having a large unfinished basement, I had remnants of all sorts of things to pick from. My needs were as follows:

For my office area:

  1. A high shelf for my laptop with brackets that don’t interfere with the space beneath. My appropriate height, verified as my husband patiently(?) held my laptop against the wall and I measured my desired height, while wearing “sensible” work shoes, turned out to be 50″ off the floor.
  2. A lower, even sturdier shelf for my keyboard and mouse and big enough to take notes on (webinars, etc).  I chose 12″ deep (14″ may have been better, but didn’t have it) and longer than my upper shelf.  After measuring where my hands would comfortably land, I secured  this 13″ below my laptop shelf.  (You can find standard ergonomic suggestions on-line if you have questions, but I like to custom fit these types of things.)

When I need to use my desk, I just bring my wireless keyboard and mouse over, turn on the extra monitor that remains on my desk, and work from there.

Standing Counter Top Work Station

Standing Counter Top Work Station

For the front work station, we had a counter top to work with, so this was even easier.  We built a raised platform about 7″ high.  I used a brace across the back that connects the side structures and the top, but doesn’t eat up any space on the counter for support and stability. This platform is full counter depth, 21″, which makes for a very comfortable work station.  The monitor is already elevated, but I added a couple text books for an additional 4″ or so in height.  Once Debra returns, we can fine tune the details and pretty things up a bit.

I knew how important it was to get these things in place now when I (like so many others) am spending so much more time at the computer!!

Neither my husband nor I are master carpenters, so if we can design and build functional workstations out of scraps in the basement, (and remain married), there’s a very good chance you can too.  No more excuses or procrastinating!  After a couple days to adapt, you’ll benefit immensely by using them.  I found them both extremely comfortable, especially the larger, counter top version.

I’m excited to see pictures of how you’re solving your home work station issues!


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