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Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment

While doing some unrelated research, I came across a YouTube video entitled “How to talk to someone with dementia“.

Having recently dealt with a parent with dementia, I found this video so enlightening.  It provides very practical, real life strategies for empowering those who struggle with memory loss from any cause.  I wish I had had this in my repertoire a few years ago.   I immediately thought that many of you could be dealing with similar situations right now, or in the future.

The tools shared help with preserving relationships, adding dignity and instilling confidence, a sense of purpose and usefulness that is often stripped away along with memories.  It can help establish more meaningful expectations and the experience of more joyful interactions.

If you know, or may in the future know, someone coping with memory loss, I recommend you watch this.  I see how it could lessen frustration and give greater meaning to living with this condition for both the ones afflicted and those who love and care for them.  I wish I had come across this years ago. 




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