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'Don't Jump the Gun: The Surprising Benefits of Delaying Spring Garden Cleanup'

It’s often a dilemma.  “When should we start cleaning up the lawn and garden for Spring?”

Did you even know that there could be a “Too Soon To Clean-Up” recommendation.  Until the last few years, I had thought the sooner the better.  Early lawn prep meant we had a cleaner looking lawn earlier and the heavy work was out of the way.


But, not so fast you keeners.  There are plenty reasons to postpone the spring garden clean-up, most of which won’t satisfy your need to keep up with the Jones’ right away, but may put you ahead of them in the long run, all while improving the overall health of your outdoor spaces and benefit the little critters that help keep our community vibrant and livable.

I’m a hobby gardener, but by no means an expert, so I sought the advice of a great local resource,  Durham Master Gardeners .  They recommended the following article to help us less seasoned enthusiasts determine when it’s best to get back into the garden; mostly it discourages us from being so rake-happy or from powering up that mower too early.

Here’s the article they recommended:

For Pollinators’ Sakes, Don’t Spring into Garden Cleanup Too Soon!

Now you have a legitimate excuse to postpone the garden chores until the weather is more consistently Spring-like.


Dr. Katharine du Quesnay

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