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"Introduction to EFT", with Belinda Solly. Monday October 24, 2016 at 6:30 p.m.

The enthusiastic participation of so many of you made our Yin Yoga session a great success and propelled us forward into the next installment in our New Experiences series: an introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT).  You may have heard of EFT, may already be practicing it or maybe you have no idea of what EFT is.

EFT is a tool that enables awareness of our limiting emotions and thoughts so we can easily release them, helping us reach a more empowered state and a healthier, emotionally freer future.  It is easy to learn, has no undesirable side effects and is self-administered any time it’s needed!

Belinda Solly, Registered Social Worker and Accredited EFT Practitioner, will lead you through an introduction and brief practical experience so that you can incorporate this simple technique into your own life.

Join us for this unique, complimentary 45 minute introduction to EFT, to be held here at our practice on Monday October 24 at 6:30 p.m.  A sign-up sheet is now available in office, or contact us by email or phone to reserve a spot… and bring a friend who, like you, wants to learn how to consistently live and perform at a higher level.

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