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Pickleball... good for the soul!

If you haven’t yet heard of it, Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in North America.  It’s only been around since 1965, and has, up until recently, been dominated by

Pickleball Christmas Wreath, made from 60%+ up-cycled materials.

Pickleball Christmas Wreath, made from 60%+ up-cycled materials.

“mature” adults who are finding ways to stay active, competitive, have fun all while socializing.  Younger players are more and more common on the courts and have created an evolving dynamic to the game that has furthered it’s development and continues to increase the skill and expertise demonstrated in the sport… to everyone’s benefit.

One of the greatest attractions with Pickleball is that it’s very easy to pick up and can be played at a variety of skill levels to suit just about anyone.  You can play and have fun from the 1st day you pick up a paddle.  There are many social networks supporting this growing sport, from high level, international competition to much less competitive international and local tournaments.  The unique part is that all skill levels often compete in their own division, but within the same broader event.  This makes it an attractive sport for friends and families who can share these experiences while playing within their own skill levels and age classifications.  Some of the larger tournaments have enough interest to include Wheelchair divisions, which is a rare opportunity for so many athletes with limited access to competitive sport.  Even casual players can find multiple options to fill their competitive needs.  Those in it for the the social aspect, skill development, or physical activity can also find opportunities to fulfill their expectations.

This Christmas, Dr. du Quesnay, who both plays and referees the sport, decided to up-cycle 54 collected cracked/used balls.  Using additional items diverted from ultimate landfill destinations, a few sheets of glitter paper, some strategically placed gardening wire, packing and electrical tape, a wreath form and a battery operated string of LED lights, her Pickleball Christmas Wreath was born!

For more information on the game and how you might get involved, check out the following links.  I’ll warn you… it’s addictive!!





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