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Shoulder problems? You're not alone.

Did You Know…?

“…the most frequent direction of subluxation and dislocation of the shoulder is anterior and inferior.  Consequently,  … analysis of virtually all patients with shoulder complaints should , at the very least, include the anterior-inferior humerus.

When (this exists) the supraspinatus muscle tendon (part of the rotator cuff) may also be stretched, and an unadjusted anterior-inferior humerus may contribute to degenerative joint disease of the glenohumeral (shoulder) joint.

Taken from “The Activator Method”, 2nd Edition


This is why, in addition to continuous self-study and review, Dr. du Quesnay spends a weekend away every year in formal Activator Methods technique training with accredited instructors, learning new advances and reviewing some of the hundreds of  checks and analyses that allow you to receive the best and most complete proactive and recovery care she can deliver.

We’ve got it covered…  so  you don’t have to worry about it.

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